President's Message

It is my honor and privilege to serve as President of the District Bar Association Faisalabad this year. I look forward to leading the Bar's efforts to serve our members and community as effectively, efficiently, and entertainingly as possible.

Among my priorities for 2014, I will focus on improving and expanding our member services and benefits. We recognize that there are myriad organizations to which you can devote your time, energy, and resources.

A renewed emphasis on customer service begins with gaining a better understanding of you want from the DBA Faisalabad. As a strong proponent of transparency, constructive feedback, and informed decision-making, I am eager to learn what our membership thinks about the organization, from the way that it is run, to the quality and quantity of the events that we host, to the opportunities that we provide for personal and professional growth.

In addition, I recognize that many of our members are adversely affected by the significant economic downturn, resulting in the underemployment of a deeply talented and dedicated pool of advocates. Therefore, we will focus on hosting a variety of professional development events that provide our members with practical insights about job hunting in particular career paths (e.g., how to become an arbitrator, a defense lawyer, an in-house counsel, etc.).

I encourage you to become an active member of the DBA Faisalabad family. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Secretary's Message

As elected Secretary of District Bar Association, Faisalabad, I feel proud and honored. But on the other hand, I also take it as my duty to serve my fellow members of the Bar. With the help of members of the Bar, I do hope to be successful in serving the legal community in Faisalabad. I, along with my humble and noble fellow s who worked restless in the present election for my marvelous success, (it’s all because of our Allah almighty’s blessings and prayers of my generous parents as well as my price less friends and all other professional dignities who appreciated me), so please obliged me to accept mine and my fellows thanks in this regards with sweet whishes that I serve this sage fraternity according to great norms established buy our seniors. i am very grateful to every respected ember and I shall devote myself for the welfare of lawyers community and will be guardian of their valuable rights.
In the end, I thank all of you for selecting me and providing me an opportunity to serve you and I also assure you that I would do every thing to meet your expectations.